Private petrol station




A private petrol station saves you time and money – a liter of fuel will be cheaper and refueling located there, where is your equipment.

With DiaLOG you can control over stock and distribution.

A private petrol station is a good solution for:

• vehicle fleet
• bus fleet
• road construction
• quary
• ports
• agricultural
• industrial centers

We build and renovate private petrol stations according to Estonian Republic requirments.To avoid pollution, all tanks are double skinned and manufactured according to European standard EN12285-1, EN12285-2. Refuelling equipment and tanks deliver from Europe’s leading manufacturers Tokheim and CGH.


Contact us:

Andrei Smirnov, Manager/Marketing  +372 525 4084;

Maiu Smirnov, Assistant +372 5629 6208;


Describe your wishes and needs and we will make you an offer.




Tankla Abi OÜ • Tähe 129c, Tartu 50113 Estonia • Tel +372 525 4084 •

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